Dec. 25th, 2011

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It's been a strange Christmas...

My day began with a text one of my best friends. I mean, okay, all it said was "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!" in CAPS LOCK, followed by a ridiculous amount of exclamation marks, but it was the best start to a Christmas day I've had in years. Besides, those lil messages mean that someone else has thought of you on Xmas morning, which is always sweet. (And it's more than what I got from my parents, who sent me *no* messages - I had to call them in the end! Thanks folks.)

On that subject, I've not managed to see my family (as in my parents and sisters) today, at all, and this is the first Christmas that this has ever happened. I *had* planned to make time to drive across to my home town to see them, but, as often is the case on Xmas day, I just ran out of time. (But that's okay - I'll see them tomorrow!) Instead I've spent Christmas with my house-mates, who are my adopted family, I guess, and have received a couple of small but very much appreciated presents from them. :) And, you know what,it's been really good. We've watched lots of Xmas TV and eaten too much and just chilled out and had a laugh. It's actually been better than usual, I'm afraid to say!

As I've related in a previous post, owing to a gas leak, we have no oven to cook with at present at my house. But, fortunately, we have been able to "borrow" one at another's house, so Christmas dinner was not at home, but it did happen, and it was fun -- and very filling! Turkey and pork with roast potatoes and parsnips and sprouts and stuffing and so on and so forth - serious nommage!

So, overall, it's been a very different, but very good Christmas day -- all the more appreciated because of it's oddity and because of the awesomeness of my amazing friends, who I may not be connected to by blood or marriage, but who are nevertheless very much my family. (Yes, cheesy... but it's true. Christmas is about family, they say - but that doesn't necessarily mean just those who you're related to.)

Anyway, I hope you've all had a good Christmas, fellow Tumblrites. I'm now going to see if I can't get an almost belated Hogswatch sketch done before bed whilst I recover from my traditional bout of festive over-eating. (I am in "beached whale" mode at present.)

Merry Christmas!


jurious: Pencil sketch. Based on Stephen Briggs (Default)
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