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Ah Halloween. I can make this an excuse to draw Oberon + Puck. Watch me...

Happy Halloween
by ~darth-jurious on deviantART

There, see? :)

(Sorta kinda based on the Shakespeare characters as portrayed in the production of MSND by the Studio Theatre Club. The Halloween stuff has nothing to do with anything really!)

I WON!!!

Oct. 25th, 2011 11:37 am
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I won the Discworld stamp competition, which Grantham Dramatic Society were running in conjunction with their upcoming production of "Going Postal". My stamp design will appear on their promotional material, and I also win a £25 voucher to spend at an art store in Grantham. Wicked!!!

Discworld Stamp
by ~darth-jurious on deviantART

I'm so pleased - just because I can support some local Discworld amdram if nothing else! I'm really looking forward to seeing their play at the start of December, and must insist now that if you can come, you do so!


It runs from November 30th until December 3rd, nightly performances at 7.30pm. Tix are £8 for the first night and £9 thereafter. (I'm going on Friday 2nd.) Bring it on! :D
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Remember when I always used to draw Lion King-crossover pix...? Yeah, so do I. :)


Ah nostalgia. Helps to cheer me up when Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs want me to pay back an excessive amount of money they managed to overpay me a year-and-a-half ago. Grr... As if I'm not skint enough already.
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So my doodles are slowly gonna be rolling out on the Discworld Convention website over the next few days/weeks/etc. This makes me all squee-full inside. You can see one already:


:D *yay* How cool is this?!

Sometimes I feel so fortunate to have been given opportunities such as these. The Discworld Convention 2010 was the springboard to greater things, methinks - greater art and, most importantly of all, greater friends. <3 Love you guys ‘n’ girls! (And all you people I’ve met *through* people I met at DWCon10. :3 You probably know who you are.)

Roll on DWCon2012!!!


Aug. 7th, 2011 09:42 pm
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This is so COOL! I've been asked to contribute some art for DWCon12! W00t! So pleased! Not sure how they've found me - through Twitter, probably, unless someone has name-dropped - but it's like a dream come true. It's awesome that I'll be able to give something back to the convention which gave me so much last year.

That's Wadfest and DWCon I will soon have been privileged to contribute stuff for. *happyhappy* May this lead to more good things.

(And thank you Muse for your continued support as well, of course. ♥)

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Jul. 29th, 2011 01:55 pm
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I've not been feeling too hot this week. I've had my nine consecutive days at work but, owing to my need to cover other peoples' shifts whilst they're on holiday (all right for some...), I've had to get up at 4am on seven of those nine days. I don't think I've had enough sleep, and the total disruption of my routine has meant that my body has given me the middle finger and I feel like pooh. I'm glad my weekend off is here! Time to recuperate.

I've been doing some doodling, as per usual. This one might be worth psychoanalysis since I was in a very low, unhappy place when I drew it. And, like when your characters run away with themselves when you write fiction, this picture just *happened* of its own accord. I've no idea why I want to draw a wolf with That Man but it asked to be done. *shrug* And a very unhappy wolf by the look of it.

'Ventage' doodle... )

Meanwhile this is a WIP for *another* MSND doodle - because, apparently, I'm not dun with that topic yet. Sketch of Oberon and Puck, and Titania with the Changling. They're all so cool that they walk into gale force winds, too. ;) Heheh. There's something wrong with Oberon's legs, I swear it - what do you guys think?

MSND Doodle )

I'm excited because I've discovered there's going to be a theatre production of the Discworld novel "Going Postal" later this year at Grantham, which is prolly about 15 miles down the A1 from me. Cool! That'll be my first ever Discworld play. It runs from Wednesday November 30th until Saturday December 3rd, which is the week after Hogswatch in Wincanton. (I don't know if there are any other Discworld fans in my region, or any who would like to travel to the East Mids to see the play, but if you wanna come with, get in touch and let's organise something! It'll be fun!) For more info, clickety-click: http://www.granthamdramaticsociety.co.uk/p/latest-production.html

There's also gonna be a one-day-run of (guess what?) "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in Lincoln at the start of September. Debating whether or not to go. It'll have a lot to live up to, after all. ;)


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