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My car door's broken - it's dropped onto its hinges and is looking mightily unsafe. Still closes and locks but there's a rather big gap at the bottom of the door. :P Whoops...

MOT is also due. And service. So the question is... do I bother with all this servicing and crap, because I've got a very bad feeling about what it's all going to cost to repair, *or* do I buy a new run-around? I've seen a 1996 VW Polo for £375, MOT'd till next March at alocal dealer. If it's still available tomorrow, I might go and buy it - seriously. I've always wanted a VW and if it'll do me even for another year till finances (hopefully) sort themselves out, that'd be cool. Hopefully dog cage will fit in the back... (And hopefully the poor bastards will take pity on my fiesta and buy it off me! Heheh.)

And it's a VW, DAMN IT! Wanted a widdle VW for ages!!!

So I may have a new car before I go to London tomorrow. I prolly won't, but hey, it'd be a nice way to start my week off and not have to worry about the creaky ol' Fiesta any longer. I lub my widdle black Fiesta but I don't think he's worth spending sh!tloads of money on... :S I have abused the poor thing, though - I mean, doing 26,000+ miles in it in less than two years? Poor little beast.

Which leaves the most important conundrum: if I do wind up with a VW Polo, what shall I call it? :P And if I don't end up with it then I'll possibly be crying about repair and MOT costs in a few days!

*sigh* Cars... can't live with them,can't live without them...

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Things I forgot about Saturday, because my over-tired brain has been a bit useless the past 24 hours... :p

1) Energy drinks! Bought some cheap ones to help me get through my very long Saturday, and both me and Bec had one each on the drive down to Abingdon. I don't know whether it was because we were both already tired or maybe because we aren't usually big drinkers of heavily "caffinated" stuff, but the effect of them was hilarious! We both woke up very quickly and became very smiley and silly. It was classic. I said to Bec "We're going to see a very interesting play tonight!" Heheh.

2) I apparently managed to park next to Stephen Briggs in the car park. And no, it was absolutely not intentional. Don't give me the "right, it was just a coincidence" *nudge nudge wink wink* I honestly just pulled into a convenient space and would have been none the wiser hadn't Stephen messaged me later on and asked if that was my car parked next to his. And it was! LOL. (I guess all the dog stickers and the massive dog cage in the boot gave it away... I'm pretty sure he's not seen my car before... :s Though we did talk cars at DWCon10. *shrug* A pretty cool coincidence, either way!)

3) The "News of the World" was mentioned in the play and you wouldn't believe the effect it had! It's so topical at the moment, but it's amazing how an entire audience reaction can be altered by the context of the time the play is being witnessed in.

Um... think that's all for now. :P Still knackered. Body is very mad for my presuming that food and sleep were optional extras this weekend. Oopsy.

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