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So last night, my friend Bec and I went down to Grantham for a bit of local amdram theatre. It's was the shortest distance I've travelled all year to see a play, I have to say - a whole 15 miles down the road! Makes a change! ;) Heheh. Not that I object to travelling to see plays, but it did break with my "tradition". But anyhoo, I digress...

We went to see Grantham Dramatic Society's production of the Discworld book "Going Postal", as adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs. I'm glad that I finally had a chance to see a Discworld play, and it was an even bigger bonus that, not only was it close to home, but it was "Going Postal", which is certainly one of my favourite Discworld books. (Also, I had entered and won the competition the GDC had run to design a stamp to go on their programme and promo material, and there's nothing quite so cool as to see a piece of your artwork mass-reproduced on posters, leaflets and programmes when you go to see a play! Plus, when your name is printed on the promo material, in the company of Terry Pratchett's and Stephen Briggs', it's more than a wee bit awesome! So, of course, I bought a programme and picked up a leaflet and asked if I cold have a poster too. :3 They can go in my portfolio if nothing else.)

The programme, complete with my stamp design!

So the play... let's talk about that. Intrigue! Peril! The invention of stamps! )

So, all-in-all, a big well done to the cast and crew of the GDC and massive thanks for bringing some Pratchett to the East Midlands! Please say we'll be seeing more in future! :)
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Ah Halloween. I can make this an excuse to draw Oberon + Puck. Watch me...

Happy Halloween
by ~darth-jurious on deviantART

There, see? :)

(Sorta kinda based on the Shakespeare characters as portrayed in the production of MSND by the Studio Theatre Club. The Halloween stuff has nothing to do with anything really!)
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My house mate is planning her wedding. In advance. I mean, *serious* advance - a few years, to be precise. But with waiting lists on venues often being two years at the very least, it would seem that it would be wise to forward-plan! And the cool part? I've been asked to be a bridesmaid!

I never thought the day would arrive when I'd be happy about the prospect of being a bridesmaid. I've been a bridesmaid *once* ever, when I was very small, but have never been asked since, and the bona fide tomboy that I've been most of my life would have wrinkled its nose at the idea in the intervening years anyhoo. But... well, I dunno,maybe I'm maturing *very slowly*, because the idea of being a bridesmaid and being a bit girly actually now holds some appeal! I think it'll be quite cool and, hey, it's a huge honour to be asked. I might be 30 before it happens but hey, it's something to look forward to.

Said house mate is currently organising her guest list and, with her rather large extended family and a list of friends to make one tremble, it's looking set to be a big do. Her comment of the evening (in my mind, anyway) popped out as she scanned her list of names and announced "I've decided there are too many Stephens in the world." Awkward silence followed in which I tried not to smirk. I only know two Stephens, after all... One of them's my uncle. And I don't need to say anything about the other.
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Things I forgot about Saturday, because my over-tired brain has been a bit useless the past 24 hours... :p

1) Energy drinks! Bought some cheap ones to help me get through my very long Saturday, and both me and Bec had one each on the drive down to Abingdon. I don't know whether it was because we were both already tired or maybe because we aren't usually big drinkers of heavily "caffinated" stuff, but the effect of them was hilarious! We both woke up very quickly and became very smiley and silly. It was classic. I said to Bec "We're going to see a very interesting play tonight!" Heheh.

2) I apparently managed to park next to Stephen Briggs in the car park. And no, it was absolutely not intentional. Don't give me the "right, it was just a coincidence" *nudge nudge wink wink* I honestly just pulled into a convenient space and would have been none the wiser hadn't Stephen messaged me later on and asked if that was my car parked next to his. And it was! LOL. (I guess all the dog stickers and the massive dog cage in the boot gave it away... I'm pretty sure he's not seen my car before... :s Though we did talk cars at DWCon10. *shrug* A pretty cool coincidence, either way!)

3) The "News of the World" was mentioned in the play and you wouldn't believe the effect it had! It's so topical at the moment, but it's amazing how an entire audience reaction can be altered by the context of the time the play is being witnessed in.

Um... think that's all for now. :P Still knackered. Body is very mad for my presuming that food and sleep were optional extras this weekend. Oopsy.

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Zoom Zoom!

Aug. 19th, 2011 03:23 pm
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Tomorrow's gonna be a monster day! Well excited! :) Could really have done with getting more sleep the past two nights for my 4am starts, but hey... I can catch up... at some point... o_0

Tomorrow will start at 5.30am (a lie-in compared to the past two days!). Get up, get dressed, eat brekky, walk the dog, and all that jazz, before driving to work for a 7am start. At work for 7.5 hours - leave at 2.30pm and drive back home. Then it'll be another walk for Mutley, quick change and jump back in the car (with house mate in tow) and drive to Abingdon! We're off to Oxford to see another Studio Theatre Club play! (My friend and I may as well have season tickets... we've made every one this year.) Yay! Get to see my favourite person again and the wonderful STC troupe, and enjoy another one of their splendid plays. (I almost wasn't able to wrangle a trip to see this one, owing to lack of funds, but pay-day has come early due to my usual pay date falling on Sunday. Thank you providence.)

Hopefully the journey down there will be smooth (satnav is set-up and ready). We should arrive in good time before we go see the play, then hopefully there will be time to say hi to peoples afterwards before we jump back in the car and drive back home. Should be back in Newark in the early hours, and I'm then back at work again at 7.45am Sunday morning! Should still be running on adrenaline so it'll be fine. :3 I can crash and burn Sunday evening, though haven't got another day off until Saturday-next.

Sleep and food tomorrow are optional. Energy drinks have been bought in advance for the driving, though! ;) May well need those.

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Jul. 29th, 2011 01:55 pm
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I've not been feeling too hot this week. I've had my nine consecutive days at work but, owing to my need to cover other peoples' shifts whilst they're on holiday (all right for some...), I've had to get up at 4am on seven of those nine days. I don't think I've had enough sleep, and the total disruption of my routine has meant that my body has given me the middle finger and I feel like pooh. I'm glad my weekend off is here! Time to recuperate.

I've been doing some doodling, as per usual. This one might be worth psychoanalysis since I was in a very low, unhappy place when I drew it. And, like when your characters run away with themselves when you write fiction, this picture just *happened* of its own accord. I've no idea why I want to draw a wolf with That Man but it asked to be done. *shrug* And a very unhappy wolf by the look of it.

'Ventage' doodle... )

Meanwhile this is a WIP for *another* MSND doodle - because, apparently, I'm not dun with that topic yet. Sketch of Oberon and Puck, and Titania with the Changling. They're all so cool that they walk into gale force winds, too. ;) Heheh. There's something wrong with Oberon's legs, I swear it - what do you guys think?

MSND Doodle )

I'm excited because I've discovered there's going to be a theatre production of the Discworld novel "Going Postal" later this year at Grantham, which is prolly about 15 miles down the A1 from me. Cool! That'll be my first ever Discworld play. It runs from Wednesday November 30th until Saturday December 3rd, which is the week after Hogswatch in Wincanton. (I don't know if there are any other Discworld fans in my region, or any who would like to travel to the East Mids to see the play, but if you wanna come with, get in touch and let's organise something! It'll be fun!) For more info, clickety-click: http://www.granthamdramaticsociety.co.uk/p/latest-production.html

There's also gonna be a one-day-run of (guess what?) "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in Lincoln at the start of September. Debating whether or not to go. It'll have a lot to live up to, after all. ;)


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