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It's been a strange Christmas...

My day began with a text one of my best friends. I mean, okay, all it said was "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!" in CAPS LOCK, followed by a ridiculous amount of exclamation marks, but it was the best start to a Christmas day I've had in years. Besides, those lil messages mean that someone else has thought of you on Xmas morning, which is always sweet. (And it's more than what I got from my parents, who sent me *no* messages - I had to call them in the end! Thanks folks.)

On that subject, I've not managed to see my family (as in my parents and sisters) today, at all, and this is the first Christmas that this has ever happened. I *had* planned to make time to drive across to my home town to see them, but, as often is the case on Xmas day, I just ran out of time. (But that's okay - I'll see them tomorrow!) Instead I've spent Christmas with my house-mates, who are my adopted family, I guess, and have received a couple of small but very much appreciated presents from them. :) And, you know what,it's been really good. We've watched lots of Xmas TV and eaten too much and just chilled out and had a laugh. It's actually been better than usual, I'm afraid to say!

As I've related in a previous post, owing to a gas leak, we have no oven to cook with at present at my house. But, fortunately, we have been able to "borrow" one at another's house, so Christmas dinner was not at home, but it did happen, and it was fun -- and very filling! Turkey and pork with roast potatoes and parsnips and sprouts and stuffing and so on and so forth - serious nommage!

So, overall, it's been a very different, but very good Christmas day -- all the more appreciated because of it's oddity and because of the awesomeness of my amazing friends, who I may not be connected to by blood or marriage, but who are nevertheless very much my family. (Yes, cheesy... but it's true. Christmas is about family, they say - but that doesn't necessarily mean just those who you're related to.)

Anyway, I hope you've all had a good Christmas, fellow Tumblrites. I'm now going to see if I can't get an almost belated Hogswatch sketch done before bed whilst I recover from my traditional bout of festive over-eating. (I am in "beached whale" mode at present.)

Merry Christmas!
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Argh, it’s a Christmas disaster! We had a gas leak this morning, which turned out to be the cooker (with a theatrical sense of timing, worthy of a festive film) gasping its last breath. We have thus been left oven-less for Christmas day. :(

But we do, at least, have some very kind neighbours (who we don’t even know that well, to be fair!) who are going away for Christmas and have said we can go round and use their oven! Christmas charity exists - and this makes me feel happy. Thanks for occasionally restoring my faith in you, humanity.

Merry Christmas (or Happy Hogswatch) everyone! (And, Brits, go watch the Muppet Christmas Carol on Channel 4 now. :D It’s a tradition.)
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So last night, my friend Bec and I went down to Grantham for a bit of local amdram theatre. It's was the shortest distance I've travelled all year to see a play, I have to say - a whole 15 miles down the road! Makes a change! ;) Heheh. Not that I object to travelling to see plays, but it did break with my "tradition". But anyhoo, I digress...

We went to see Grantham Dramatic Society's production of the Discworld book "Going Postal", as adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs. I'm glad that I finally had a chance to see a Discworld play, and it was an even bigger bonus that, not only was it close to home, but it was "Going Postal", which is certainly one of my favourite Discworld books. (Also, I had entered and won the competition the GDC had run to design a stamp to go on their programme and promo material, and there's nothing quite so cool as to see a piece of your artwork mass-reproduced on posters, leaflets and programmes when you go to see a play! Plus, when your name is printed on the promo material, in the company of Terry Pratchett's and Stephen Briggs', it's more than a wee bit awesome! So, of course, I bought a programme and picked up a leaflet and asked if I cold have a poster too. :3 They can go in my portfolio if nothing else.)

The programme, complete with my stamp design!

So the play... let's talk about that. Intrigue! Peril! The invention of stamps! )

So, all-in-all, a big well done to the cast and crew of the GDC and massive thanks for bringing some Pratchett to the East Midlands! Please say we'll be seeing more in future! :)
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Just spent another splendiferous weekend down in Wincanton in Somerset to celebrate Hogswatch with fellow Discworld fans. It was my second Hogswatch and my third time visiting Wincanton and it's amazing how much it feels like home already whenever I go down there. Meeting-up with old friends and making fabulous new ones is always a treat, and the Discworld fanbase is such a friendly, open community that you can't help but feel comfortable around them, and it's one of the few places I ever go where I feel like I belong, because it really doesn't matter who you are, or what you do, or where you're from, you're part of the most wonderfully eccentric extended family on the planet. :)

So much happens in the few days that one spends in Wincanton, it's impossible to remember it all, never mind type it all up - but I'll have a shot at writing up at least a little.

Don't forget to leave a receipt! )

The weekend was over too soon, and, after Bernard's traditional send off ("Piss off!!!" ), goodbyes had to be said and the long journey home had to be negotiated (which was at least much smoother than the journey down!). I had a lovely time with lovely people and I can't wait to see everyone again at the next event sometime in spring. Next year will be a big one for Discworld events, with the Convention in Birmingham coming up, too, so bring on 2012!
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Ah Halloween. I can make this an excuse to draw Oberon + Puck. Watch me...

Happy Halloween
by ~darth-jurious on deviantART

There, see? :)

(Sorta kinda based on the Shakespeare characters as portrayed in the production of MSND by the Studio Theatre Club. The Halloween stuff has nothing to do with anything really!)
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“I think everybody gets the feeling where you meet one person and you’re completely drawn to them. You don’t know why. They’re hard to ignore. Where you’d rather experience negativity or rejection than to have never met that person at all.”

--April Chase (introducing the song “All You Need To Say”)

This. :S

I WON!!!

Oct. 25th, 2011 11:37 am
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I won the Discworld stamp competition, which Grantham Dramatic Society were running in conjunction with their upcoming production of "Going Postal". My stamp design will appear on their promotional material, and I also win a £25 voucher to spend at an art store in Grantham. Wicked!!!

Discworld Stamp
by ~darth-jurious on deviantART

I'm so pleased - just because I can support some local Discworld amdram if nothing else! I'm really looking forward to seeing their play at the start of December, and must insist now that if you can come, you do so!


It runs from November 30th until December 3rd, nightly performances at 7.30pm. Tix are £8 for the first night and £9 thereafter. (I'm going on Friday 2nd.) Bring it on! :D
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Remember when I always used to draw Lion King-crossover pix...? Yeah, so do I. :)


Ah nostalgia. Helps to cheer me up when Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs want me to pay back an excessive amount of money they managed to overpay me a year-and-a-half ago. Grr... As if I'm not skint enough already.
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So my doodles are slowly gonna be rolling out on the Discworld Convention website over the next few days/weeks/etc. This makes me all squee-full inside. You can see one already:


:D *yay* How cool is this?!

Sometimes I feel so fortunate to have been given opportunities such as these. The Discworld Convention 2010 was the springboard to greater things, methinks - greater art and, most importantly of all, greater friends. <3 Love you guys ‘n’ girls! (And all you people I’ve met *through* people I met at DWCon10. :3 You probably know who you are.)

Roll on DWCon2012!!!
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My house mate is planning her wedding. In advance. I mean, *serious* advance - a few years, to be precise. But with waiting lists on venues often being two years at the very least, it would seem that it would be wise to forward-plan! And the cool part? I've been asked to be a bridesmaid!

I never thought the day would arrive when I'd be happy about the prospect of being a bridesmaid. I've been a bridesmaid *once* ever, when I was very small, but have never been asked since, and the bona fide tomboy that I've been most of my life would have wrinkled its nose at the idea in the intervening years anyhoo. But... well, I dunno,maybe I'm maturing *very slowly*, because the idea of being a bridesmaid and being a bit girly actually now holds some appeal! I think it'll be quite cool and, hey, it's a huge honour to be asked. I might be 30 before it happens but hey, it's something to look forward to.

Said house mate is currently organising her guest list and, with her rather large extended family and a list of friends to make one tremble, it's looking set to be a big do. Her comment of the evening (in my mind, anyway) popped out as she scanned her list of names and announced "I've decided there are too many Stephens in the world." Awkward silence followed in which I tried not to smirk. I only know two Stephens, after all... One of them's my uncle. And I don't need to say anything about the other.
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I've seen two Shakespeare plays in the past week as part of my late birthday celebrations, each starring two big names in both film and theatre: I saw "The Tempest" in London starring Ralph Fiennes last Thursday, and on Monday evening saw (what I now realise was the final performance of) "The Merchant of Venice" starring Patrick Stewart in Stratford upon Avon.

The Tempest vs The Merchant of Venice )

So, all in all: don't go see "The Tempest" unless you like slow song-n-dancy Shakespeare, or absolutely adore Ralph Fiennes. I wouldn't say it was worth it. I *would* recommend you go and see "The Merchant of Venice" but, alas, it has now closed so... maybe just keep an eye on the RSC and do, if you can, try to see something on that awesome stage of theirs. They could do interesting things with a layout like that. (Plus they have an awesome gift shop which I could spend a fortune in if I only had some money to spare...)

I have no money right now owing to ridiculous car repair bills and a rather large phone bill - oops - so no more plays until December when my theatre-friend Bec and I will be going to see some more amdram - the Grantham Dramatic Society, to be precise, and their production of the Discworld adaptation of "Going Postal". I've also asked my mum if she will buy me for Christmas tickets for "The Lion in Winter" which is the next play to run at the Haymarket. I love the movie of that play and would love to actually see it on-stage so fingers crossed for that one! :)
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My car door's broken - it's dropped onto its hinges and is looking mightily unsafe. Still closes and locks but there's a rather big gap at the bottom of the door. :P Whoops...

MOT is also due. And service. So the question is... do I bother with all this servicing and crap, because I've got a very bad feeling about what it's all going to cost to repair, *or* do I buy a new run-around? I've seen a 1996 VW Polo for £375, MOT'd till next March at alocal dealer. If it's still available tomorrow, I might go and buy it - seriously. I've always wanted a VW and if it'll do me even for another year till finances (hopefully) sort themselves out, that'd be cool. Hopefully dog cage will fit in the back... (And hopefully the poor bastards will take pity on my fiesta and buy it off me! Heheh.)

And it's a VW, DAMN IT! Wanted a widdle VW for ages!!!

So I may have a new car before I go to London tomorrow. I prolly won't, but hey, it'd be a nice way to start my week off and not have to worry about the creaky ol' Fiesta any longer. I lub my widdle black Fiesta but I don't think he's worth spending sh!tloads of money on... :S I have abused the poor thing, though - I mean, doing 26,000+ miles in it in less than two years? Poor little beast.

Which leaves the most important conundrum: if I do wind up with a VW Polo, what shall I call it? :P And if I don't end up with it then I'll possibly be crying about repair and MOT costs in a few days!

*sigh* Cars... can't live with them,can't live without them...

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I be going to London in a couple of days! W00t! Going to stay with my twin and see "The Tempest" starring Ralph Fiennes and do other touristy stuff. :3 Fun times ahead! It's a late post-birthday celebration for the two of us and I'm very much looking forward to it. I've been a bit up-and-down with my moods recently so I figure I need a holiday. The Phoenix-man is, meanwhile, going into kennels for a few days whilst I'm down south, then I'll pick him up on Sunday and have a few more days to do stuff before returning to work.

As another part of my late birthday celebrations, I'll be off to see another big name on-stage in Stratford on Monday - Patrick Stewart in what looks like an absolutely mental production of "The Merchant of Venice". Managed to get a ticket by stumbling onto the RSC website at the right time because they were originally sold out when I first checked. :) I'm looking forward to seeing him and having a gander at this production. I'm not sure it'll quite float my boat but one never knows. Reviews are mixed so we'll see. But it's Patrick Stewart and Shakespeare so, hey, that'll do me just fine! And Stratford will be a mini-adventure - never been before.

I also have to share the fact that I've discovered the joys of setting my Facebook language to English (Pirate). I was literally in tears from laughing so hard when I first changed it in honour of "Talk Like A Pirate Day" yesterday - which shows that it's the little things that make me happy. I think it was the poke from someone that did it - the "You've Been Poked" window became "Ye Bin Skewered!". Well I say...! *guffaws*

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Finally watched "On Stranger Tides" last night. And it was... disappointing. :S I mean, it was okay, but it's not as funny as the first film, nor as engaging and emotional as the second and third. Plus there's so little borrowed from the novel of the same name, I quite wonder why they bothered filching the title! Overall it was just humdrum.

I can't quite work out where it goes wrong. With all the set pieces and vast array of characters, it should be a fun film. But it's just not interesting and the humour feels forced. Blackbeard doesn't have the presence a pirate of that calibre should, though he's played well enough by McShane, and though there is chemistry between Cruz and Depp it's still not something of particular interest. Even the fights were generally tedious.

Geoffrey does his best as Barbossa and brings a bit of darkness and gravitas to his character who's now not only come back from the dead but, since the last film, has had to cut of his own leg. Gutsy captain. And we all knew he wasn't *really* a king's man... ;) His story ended quite well. But the whole Blackbeard "prophecy", about the man with one leg, was a big obvious and not very mystical - surely we could have come up with a more cryptic, spooky prophecy than that? And the "subplot", if I dare to call it such, between Sirena and Philip? *yawn* Seriously, I'd rather have had Elizabeth and Will there... What was the point?

The Spaniards were a bit superfluous as well - if they're gonna be so instrumental in destroying the fountain, at least give them some foundation as characters rather than making them proverbial bookends, propping up each end of the movie. *le sigh*

Like I said, it was okay. I will be able to watch it again without cringing and it does have some fun moments, pretty visuals, and a couple of cute cameos (Judi Dench! Didn't see that one coming!), but it's just not what I was hoping for. The novel had a far more interesting and downright freaky plot which I'm surprised they didn't take advantage of. And too much seemed to be left unexplained - like WTF was up with the "Queen Anne's Revenge"? Are we expected to take it as a given that it's a strange, haunted-type ship? And why the ships in bottles? How and why does that magic work? Why is Blackbeard a voodoo master? How did he "zombify" his crew? Ponce de Leon - aren't we gonna hear more about him? I feel like we've missed out a whole film in between AWE and OST which might have laid down some rails for the plot to run on in this fourth instalment. (Either that or I was so disengaged as to not listen to the explanations... Mind wandered off to think of other things far too often.)

I don't mean to be a misery guts, but I really am surprised at how little this film engaged me. Definitely my fourth favourite of the four films. It didn't have that PotC aura about it at all. :( I presume there's going to be a fifth so pull your socks up, Disney, or leave this ship to rest. The only comfort is knowing that Barbossa's still around for the next one and back in outwardly-pirate-mode.

I hate being left a bit dissatisfied. I'm glad I chose to see "X-Men: First Class" instead of this at the cinema. "X-Men" is, alas, much better.
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I received a leaflet through the post today from the RSC for their production of "Marat/Sade" which runs from 14th October in Stratford-upon-Avon. It sounds like a dark and challenging play and do you know what I thought...? I need me some Rushies to go see this with! :)

Marat/Sade by the RSC

I think those of us who have seen and enjoyed the movie "Quills" would appreciate this. More madness based on and inspired by the Marquis de Sade's time in Charenton.

I honestly don't think I can afford to go, nor do I know anyone who, I think, would want to see it particularly, but I'll keep it in mind if I have - by some crazy chance - some spare cash to go theatre-ing with during its short run. It would probably make a good accompaniment to "Quills"- which is itself, I'm pretty sure, based on a stage play.

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Things I forgot about Saturday, because my over-tired brain has been a bit useless the past 24 hours... :p

1) Energy drinks! Bought some cheap ones to help me get through my very long Saturday, and both me and Bec had one each on the drive down to Abingdon. I don't know whether it was because we were both already tired or maybe because we aren't usually big drinkers of heavily "caffinated" stuff, but the effect of them was hilarious! We both woke up very quickly and became very smiley and silly. It was classic. I said to Bec "We're going to see a very interesting play tonight!" Heheh.

2) I apparently managed to park next to Stephen Briggs in the car park. And no, it was absolutely not intentional. Don't give me the "right, it was just a coincidence" *nudge nudge wink wink* I honestly just pulled into a convenient space and would have been none the wiser hadn't Stephen messaged me later on and asked if that was my car parked next to his. And it was! LOL. (I guess all the dog stickers and the massive dog cage in the boot gave it away... I'm pretty sure he's not seen my car before... :s Though we did talk cars at DWCon10. *shrug* A pretty cool coincidence, either way!)

3) The "News of the World" was mentioned in the play and you wouldn't believe the effect it had! It's so topical at the moment, but it's amazing how an entire audience reaction can be altered by the context of the time the play is being witnessed in.

Um... think that's all for now. :P Still knackered. Body is very mad for my presuming that food and sleep were optional extras this weekend. Oopsy.

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Blimey, I've realised that I spent more time driving yesterday than sleeping - sleep came in at under 4 hours, driving came in at at least 5! Whoops! Also, dinner was sacrificed and no foods were had between midday and midnight. Double whoops! This is what a flying trip to Abingdon following a day at work does to one!

But it's always worth it. :) The play my friend and I went to see by the Studio Theatre Club this time was "The Hollow", an Agatha Christie story. Christie adapted it herself from her own novel of the same name, and made several changes, notably the removal of Poirot - which is no loss. The play certainly doesn't suffer without him.

Last night was a full house - absolutely packed, which contrasted a lot to the half-full-ness of "The Man Who Was Thursday" last May (more of you should have come to see that - it was cool). All the action centred around one room in the country house known as "The Hollow", with various characters to-ing and fro-ing during a weekend when the house owners had family and friends down to visit. As per usual, all the cast were excellent -- my friend Bec and I were particularly tickled by how many characteristics Bec actually shares with the delightfully dotty character, Lady Angkatell (played by Kath Leighton). It was rather amusing! The story was engaging and, both during and after the murder, red herrings were flung all over the shop to attempt to to keep you guessing and counter-guessing at who may have committed the crime. (There was actually a red lobster in the play at one point, but I digress...) Thankfully we didn't end with everyone sat in the room whilst the sleuth explains every bit of the plot, but with a satisfyingly tidy resolution and just desserts came to the culprit. It really was very enjoyable - an excellent lil production and well worth the drive down south to see.

Now I really must catch up on my sleep. Seeing the play has cheered me up, at least - been in very good spirits today despite fatigue. Always nice to be cheerful. :) There's now not another STC play until February - which will be Shakespeare's "Comedy of Errors"! Yay! - so I'll have to fill my time with a few other lil trips -- including "Going Postal", which the Grantham Dramatic Society are putting on this December!

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Zoom Zoom!

Aug. 19th, 2011 03:23 pm
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Tomorrow's gonna be a monster day! Well excited! :) Could really have done with getting more sleep the past two nights for my 4am starts, but hey... I can catch up... at some point... o_0

Tomorrow will start at 5.30am (a lie-in compared to the past two days!). Get up, get dressed, eat brekky, walk the dog, and all that jazz, before driving to work for a 7am start. At work for 7.5 hours - leave at 2.30pm and drive back home. Then it'll be another walk for Mutley, quick change and jump back in the car (with house mate in tow) and drive to Abingdon! We're off to Oxford to see another Studio Theatre Club play! (My friend and I may as well have season tickets... we've made every one this year.) Yay! Get to see my favourite person again and the wonderful STC troupe, and enjoy another one of their splendid plays. (I almost wasn't able to wrangle a trip to see this one, owing to lack of funds, but pay-day has come early due to my usual pay date falling on Sunday. Thank you providence.)

Hopefully the journey down there will be smooth (satnav is set-up and ready). We should arrive in good time before we go see the play, then hopefully there will be time to say hi to peoples afterwards before we jump back in the car and drive back home. Should be back in Newark in the early hours, and I'm then back at work again at 7.45am Sunday morning! Should still be running on adrenaline so it'll be fine. :3 I can crash and burn Sunday evening, though haven't got another day off until Saturday-next.

Sleep and food tomorrow are optional. Energy drinks have been bought in advance for the driving, though! ;) May well need those.

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Aug. 17th, 2011 06:57 pm
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Went to the Kennel Club International Agility Festival last weekend. It ran over three days but my friend and I went just for the Saturday. I had entered my dog and was down to handle my friend's Sheltie, too, so had five runs in all during the day. The weather was kind to us and the dogs behaved beautifully. Me and little Saffy the Sheltie came away with two clear rounds - her first at KC level - whilst me and Phoenix bumbled along with 10 faults in one round and eliminations in the other two. Ah well! He was very good though - I was proud of him.

Unfortunately, the day was overcast by a terrible tragedy when a man collapsed after running his dog and, despite the best efforts of paramedics, who arrived very quickly, died soon afterwards. :( This man had been set to judge on the Sunday and, though I didn't know him personally, it sounded as though he was well liked by many agility people. It just goes to show that you never know how long you've got, so live life to the full. So sad, though...

I've been a bit hyper this week so far - got my hair cut, sorted some of the garden, tidied my room, changed my bed, done my laundry, sorted my clothes, bought some much-needed new clothes, been training with my dog, etc, etc... Am quite pleased that I've been productive for once. It's so easy sometimes to just sit on the interwebz all day and scribble in my sketch pad. Which isn't a bad thing, either, but it means I forget to do things I should be doing. :P I think I'm cheery because I've managed to wrangle a trip to Oxford Saturday evening to see the Studio Theatre Club's next play, an Agatha Christie number called "The Hollow". :D Yay! I didn't think I'd be able to make it because money is very tight at the moment and, also, I am at work most of Saturday and then Sunday as well. *But*, by providence, because I usually get paid on the 21st of each month, and that falls on Sunday this time, I get paid on the Friday before instead - so I'll have money for Saturday! I can afford to fill up my car and make a boomerang trip down south. Really quite pleased -- and it'll certainly punctuate my otherwise dull nine-days-of-work. I'll get very little sleep Saturday night in return but, hey, I can collapse when I get home from work Sunday afternoon... ;) It'll be fine. I'll have had my fix.

I've updated my satnav today with up-to-date maps and have also changed the voice. It was my first time using this satnav last Saturday, for getting to the agility show - this being the satnav my dad gave me after my old one got stolen - and my friend and I quickly tired of the preset voice of "Emily", who sounded thoroughly emo and gave one the impression that she would rather be doing *anything* other than telling you where to go. She was such a misery guts that I have today downloaded a few more voices in search of someone a bit cheerier. Since I've never had a male satnav voice before, I decided to set the voice to one called "Daniel", who sounds like he's going to be debonair and ever so slightly cocky. We'll see how long we can put up with this chap before I have to change it again... ;) He'll be dictating directions to Abingdon on Saturday - though, in all fairness, I should know where I'm going by now! I've been to Oxford twice now, and also go the same route to Wincanton and use Oxford as my midway stop. ^^; I'm sure I'll have it memorised by the time I've driven down to Wincanton for Hogswatch in November. If not then I should be concerned that I never pay any attention to where I'm going whilst I'm driving.

Gonna try squeeze in some drawing this evening but I am feeling rather tired so it might be a early night for once ready for my 4am rise-n-shine for work tomorrow. Oh joy. :)

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Aug. 7th, 2011 09:42 pm
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This is so COOL! I've been asked to contribute some art for DWCon12! W00t! So pleased! Not sure how they've found me - through Twitter, probably, unless someone has name-dropped - but it's like a dream come true. It's awesome that I'll be able to give something back to the convention which gave me so much last year.

That's Wadfest and DWCon I will soon have been privileged to contribute stuff for. *happyhappy* May this lead to more good things.

(And thank you Muse for your continued support as well, of course. ♥)

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