Aug. 19th, 2011

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Aug. 19th, 2011 03:23 pm
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Tomorrow's gonna be a monster day! Well excited! :) Could really have done with getting more sleep the past two nights for my 4am starts, but hey... I can catch up... at some point... o_0

Tomorrow will start at 5.30am (a lie-in compared to the past two days!). Get up, get dressed, eat brekky, walk the dog, and all that jazz, before driving to work for a 7am start. At work for 7.5 hours - leave at 2.30pm and drive back home. Then it'll be another walk for Mutley, quick change and jump back in the car (with house mate in tow) and drive to Abingdon! We're off to Oxford to see another Studio Theatre Club play! (My friend and I may as well have season tickets... we've made every one this year.) Yay! Get to see my favourite person again and the wonderful STC troupe, and enjoy another one of their splendid plays. (I almost wasn't able to wrangle a trip to see this one, owing to lack of funds, but pay-day has come early due to my usual pay date falling on Sunday. Thank you providence.)

Hopefully the journey down there will be smooth (satnav is set-up and ready). We should arrive in good time before we go see the play, then hopefully there will be time to say hi to peoples afterwards before we jump back in the car and drive back home. Should be back in Newark in the early hours, and I'm then back at work again at 7.45am Sunday morning! Should still be running on adrenaline so it'll be fine. :3 I can crash and burn Sunday evening, though haven't got another day off until Saturday-next.

Sleep and food tomorrow are optional. Energy drinks have been bought in advance for the driving, though! ;) May well need those.

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